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What an amazing night of arts and entertainment! The downtown was lit up with stunning artworks, installations, and performances at Nuit Blanche Regina 2019 last weekend. A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the festival possible!

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Nuit Blanche Regina
September 29, 2019 7:00pm – midnight

On Sunday, September 29th, 2019 Regina’s second annual Nuit Blanche festival will take place downtown at the City Square Plaza, Victoria Park, and FW Hill Mall. Nuit Blanche Regina is a free, night time event that promotes the exploration of the city and creation of dialogue through art.

Nuit Blanche Regina will showcase a diversity of artists and performers making projection based and electronic works, as well as artists making more traditional works that have an aspect of light, including theatre, dance, music, spoken word, and sculpture. The artworks will bring attention to downtown Regina by turning it into a vibrant and glowing space at night.

By taking place outdoors, Nuit Blanche Regina encourages artists to consider nature and urban spaces when developing their work. The artworks will be installed in Victoria Park, its surrounding streets and alleyways, as well as in storefronts and on sides of buildings in downtown Regina.

Emerging and experienced visual and performing artists are encouraged to participate in this open call for artists. Community organizations and school groups wanting to create group art projects with an aspect of light are also welcome to apply.


Reflections of the Land

This year’s festival theme invites artists and community to reflect upon the past, present and future stories of place and space, as it pertains to our relationship to this specific territory. The theme Reflections of the Land reminds us of the way we occupy, immigrate, move and build space, debating the sense of belonging and the constant journey between places. The concept of land helps us to go beyond the tangibility of the place, exploring time-space, oral cultures and memories, potentialities of places, and fictional or unreal locations. The land unfolds itself in many narratives, aesthetics and characters. Nuit Blanche Regina 2019 invites artists to use light and multimedia art forms while considering the intersectionality of the environment we live in and the stories created in and amongst it. What is our connection to this place and how might those implications affect how we exist here?